Just a Minute: Rachael


“The most important work you will ever do, will be within the walls of your own home.” Harold B. Lee

Today is one day. You are one day. A short tangle of moments, straightening out as the hours stretch on, leading to tomorrow. And in a thousand tomorrows to come, I will look back with wonder, longing and amazement, at the Todays I have lived. At You.

When you just need to start getting ready to get out the door…

When you just need to start getting ready to get out the door…



Rachael is the owner and an instructor at Simply Fit Studio, where, after webinars, laundry, potty-training, snacks, reading, learning, and a BBQ grill that blew over in the massive arctic winds we had yesterday - she and her kids headed out to set up for a class.


I can’t thank Rachael and her family enough for letting me follow them around through the extraordinary ordinary, and the loveliness of the simple moments of a Monday afternoon in February. <3

About The Project


Just a Minute: Moments in Motherhood is a creative project combining photography, quotes and writings, by Melanie at Simply Mella and of The Frozen Moon.

Inspired by one of a mother's most frequent phrases to her children - shouted when she is beckoned beyond a closed bathroom door, or muttered quickly when she has just put a phone to her ear - Just a minute! - Moments in Motherhood, gives her that.

The goal of this project is to truly see women in their journeys of motherhood and to give their ordinary, everyday, peanut-butter-and-jelly-and-Cheerio-crumb moments the focus, even if only for just a minute.

Melanie spends time with each mother, a fly on the wall to their daily routines, capturing these moments.

The hope is always to illuminate the beauty in the chaos, the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the strength found in balancing the demands of motherhood along with the preservation of herself as a person outside of label: Mother.

Mothers are amazing. Women are amazing.

Let's celebrate that.
Please contact Melanie@simplymella.com for more information.